Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Painting, Watercolor class

January Moonrise was completed this past week. It is a scene from right here at my home, looking down my driveway in the early evening with the moon showing above some beautiful clouds. This photo fails to show the detail in the pine tree. I worked from a photo I took as well as sketching this tree from life to get it "just right". The painting is 18 x 24" oil on linen canvas.
Yesterday, I finished up teaching a 6 week watercolor class at The Art Studio in historic downtown Sanford. I had a great group that worked really hard to improve their skills. I just had to take a photo to share. Plans are to have another class, perhaps in the fall. There is also the possibility of me giving a workshop or two this summer. Hey, if you are interested, drop me a line.

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