Thursday, January 22, 2009

Website update

Today was a productive day.... I got a little painting done, but the biggie is that I got my website updated. I've been putting it off for too long so it took HOURS. Anyway, new prints are on there now, 2 new whippets
Belgian Malnois
2 Dalmatians
Scottish Deerhound
German Shorthair Pointer
Flat Coated Retriever
Silky Terriers
Afghan Hound
Whew, I think that is it for the prints. I also changed the portraits page, taking off some older ones and adding a few new ones, and I changed the Originals for sale page with the addition of some new ones.
Take a look......
On a side note, a lot of our snow melted today, it was in the high 50's. We got about 6 inches of the white stuff here on Tuesday. Haven't seen any measurable snow here in this part of NC for several years now. It really was pretty.

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