Monday, September 29, 2008

Lonely blogger!! That would be me....

I am not getting a lot of feedback but hope there are readers out there that want to keep up with all the things that are coming out of my studio. So as an experiment and hopefully to gain some new readers, I am offering a FREE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING. This is an evening sky painted on location at my house. It is 6 x 8" oil on panel. The first person to contact me at my email address will be the recipient and I will even pay the shipping (in USA). I will be posting lots of paintings here, plein air, animals, whatever. Most are for sale, but every once in a while I will throw in a giveaway... so bookmark my site, watch it often and tell your friends about my art giveaway. I want to spread around the freebees so I won't award two in a row to the same person.

Have fun...... Yvonne

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