Saturday, November 8, 2008

On the board and on the easel

Busy time for me, going to dogs shows and enjoying the fall scenery. But I haven't stopped working! Have several dog commissions in progress and completed this one of Toby. This is a tribute by his owner. Toby was sadly killed when he escaped from his handler at a dog show. I hope this watercolor painting will bring some wonderful memories of his face back to her.
Then we have a new design for the yearly Whippet Whiners t-shirt to benefit WRAP (Whippet rescue) and WHF (Whippet Health Foundation) It was concieved for "whiners", or those who aren't able to attend the Whippet National Specialty and thus sit at home and "whine". It has been well supported by the fancy even if they do get to go to the National.
And continuing work on oil paintings, two new landscapes. Solitary Oak is pretty large for me at 22 x 30" and is from a reference photo I took in Beaufort, SC quite a few years ago. I painted it once before with watercolors and thought I would enjoy doing it in oil as well.
Evening Song is from one of those moments where nature gives us an awesome light display. The scene is actually viewing from my driveway down the road. I was coming in from the studio and the sun was setting. When sunny you can see the light receding on these trees. But this night there was a pink and orange sunset which made the trunks glow reddish orange. I bolted for the house, RAN back out and shot a photo at that very moment. No time to do anything else. With the photo and my memories of this scene, I painted this piece. 16 x 20" on canvas.

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