Friday, August 1, 2008

Two miniatures, just off the easel

Unfortunately, I won't be going to "Greyhounds Reach The Beach", greyhound gathering in Dewey Beach, Delaware this year. So I am working on a series of whippet paintings for the big whippet show I will be attending in the spring. My miniatures have been very popular and I also have several ideas for large pieces.

Here are two whippet miniatures that I just finished this week. The headstudy is 5 x 7", oil on canvas and the other of a whippet with one foot on a rock is 8 x 10", oil on a canvas panel.

Other news: All 4 of the greyhound paintings in the previous post have been SOLD. Many thanks to their new owners.

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Patience-please said...

OH MY GOD! That's my Gracious. I'm sitting at my kitchen counter. Scared the crap out of the dogs and Bill, because I shreiked and started to weep.
Could you please email me a price?
dogwalkers at comcast dot net