Monday, November 5, 2007

Here are the other two paintings I didn't get to post yesterday. I love painting trees so here are two of them! The first is from a wonderful spot in Fort Myers, FL. That is the Thomas A. Edison home and gardens. He collected lots of exotic and tropical plants and the gardens are fascinating. This is one of numerous banyan trees in the gardens. It is not the gigantic one when you first go in though, but another smaller one.

The other painting is a scene from a recent trip to Virginia. I wanted to drive by a place I lived for a little while, a quaint little house in horse country. The little town of Casanova (near Warrenton) boasts an active hunt community, a church and a tiny post office. It was pretty much as it was when I lived there some 25 years ago, but the little house was gone. I couldn't resist this tree with it's signs and fence as it captures the essence of the area.

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Aniemother said...

Very nice! I love that first tree.. And the whippy one too, of course! (The doggies say to please visit their blog too, at